Do You Know What Your Financials Say About Your Business?

Master Your Cash Flow. Know Your Finances. WITHOUT Learning Accounting

Cash Flow Management

No business can survive without cash flow. This is why the Black Belt program has a strong cash flow focus.

Cash flow must be managed at 2 levels: Operational and Strategic. 

Learn how to do both in your business.

Sound Business Planning

Your financials show you how your business activities and strategies affect your business' financial health.

Many business failures stem from failure to understand and manage their finances. Don't let this happen to you.

Learn how to understand and use your financials. Without learning accounting.

Early Problem Detection

Your financials give you early warning signals about any problems in your business.

Problems can be successfully fixed if you get to them early. Left unresolved, they snowball into major the point where the business fails.

Know what's happening in your business. Know your finances.

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What's In Cash Flow Kung Fu Black Belt 


This program is about "BEAN READING", not "Bean Counting". Bean counting is your bookkeeper's or accountant's role.

The objectives of this practical program are to help you:

  • understand the impact of your business activities on your finances, and
  • master financial management

 Module 1 lays the foundations by giving you a high level view of how accounts work. No accounting knowledge is required. 

Cash Flow 

This critical aspect of business financial management is covered in Module 2 and Module 5.

Module 2 shows you how to do Operational Cash Flow Management. This is "Working IN the business" cash flow management using Rolling Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts.

As part of the bonuses for this program, templates for Rolling Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts are included.


Understanding the 3 Financial Statements

In Modules 3, 4 and 5, you will learn:

  • what the Profit & Loss, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement tells you about your business,
  • how to use ratios to get insights about your business performance and financial health, and
  • what additional information you should get from your accountant/book keeper to ensure you get a complete view of your business.

Strategic Cash Flow Management

The Cash Flow Statement is absolutely critical for cash flow management. However, it is often ignored or overlooked because many people don't understand it.

Module 5 will de-mystify the Cash Flow Statement. With the visual approach that I use, you will appreciate how powerful it is for understanding what is happening with your cash flow, for business planning, for business financing, and so on.

Also you will learn how to use this Statement to test if your financials are reliable. 


In Module 6, we go through the key principles in rational forecasting.

This is NOT about learning how to do forecasts. It's about how your forecasts should be prepared so that you get realistic financial forecasts. Not pie-in-sky figures.

Module 6 is focused on how to use forecasts to help you with business and financial management; and with financing decisions for business growth.


To help you implement the training and get results faster, you will also get two sets of Excel Workbook templates. 

  • Cash Flow Management Templates
  • Financial Reporting Templates

Once you see how they work, you can and should adapt them to suit your own business' specifics.


You'll also get transcripts of every video in the training for each module.

You can download these PDF documents so that you have them on hand for easy reference when you are apply the training to your own business.


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Master Your Cash Flow. Know Your Finances.

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