Need financing for business growth? Frustrated with how your bank handles your financing? 


Get The Financing Your Business Deserves! *

Learn how to get financing that works for your business - quickly and efficiently.

* WARNING: If your business is in financial trouble, you should seek professional one-on-one help. DO NOT ENROLL in this program.


Right Financing Solutions

Get the right financing solutions that work FOR (not AGAINST) your business growth objectives.

Good financing is not just about the amount of money. It's also about having financing that is fit for business purpose.

Inappropriate financing can impact your cash flow and weaken your financial position.

Successful Financing*

Sick of dealing with endless questions from the bank with no certainty of an approval?

To get a FAST 'YES'* from your bank(s), you have to address all credit issues properly in your financing proposal.

Note that Credit Issues are also Business Issues!

Strong Bank Relationships

A "partnership"-type relationship with your bank(s) makes business life a great deal easier.

Financing requests are quickly approved. You can be confident of support when you want to act quickly on business opportunities.

You can even have banks competing for your business!

Get Started Today!
Get Started Today!
Get Started Today!

This program DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will be successful in obtaining financing. This training assumes that your business is a "bank-able" proposition. In other words, your business is financially sound and has good growth prospects.

If your business is in financial trouble, you should seek professional one-on-one help. DO NOT enroll in this programThis is not the time for you to try to master new skills. The approach that I teach in Financing Success Blueprint works very well for business turnaround situations but you need to be very experienced in dealing with financiers (as well as business turnaround advisers, insolvency specialists etc.) to be successful in financing a business turnaround situation.


Module 1: Fundamentals

In this module you will learn what makes a good financing proposal.

We will cover the very important concept of Credit Risk. It's the CREDIT people who make the decision on your financing application.

Every part of your proposal should be designed to address Credit Risk issues. This minimises questions and speeds up the approval process.

Module 2: Financing Proposal

The first part of your financing proposal is designed to provide the bank with a good understanding of your business operations, the quality of your management, and the legal structure. 

In 2.4 and 2.5 you will learn how to:

  • work out the right financing solutions for your business, and
  • use a Mini Terms Sheet to set out your Financing Requirements.

Module 3: Financial Analysis

You will learn how to use the Financial Analysis section of your financing proposal to demonstrate that your business is well-managed, financially sound, and capable of meeting debt and interest repayments.

This section is where you reinforce and substantiate the key insights into your business that you provided in the business operations section of your proposal.

Examples are provided so that you can easily model my approach.

Module 4: Forecasts; Repayment

In this module, you will learn the three objectives that you want to achieve in the discussion about your financial forecasts.

You will also learn how to address the very important credit issue of Repayment. 

Transcripts; Checklists

You will get PDF downloads of the transcript of every video so that you have an easy reference on hand when you are working on your application. 

You will also get checklists to help you get your work flow organised and ensure that your final financing application package is complete.


The Financing Success Blueprint approach is very flexible. In these bonus training modules, you will learn how to apply the core training for:

1. Special Projects: what you need to do if your financing requirement is to fund a one-off short term project

2. Annual Reviews: This 2-part series shows you how to handle annual reviews by financiers and how you use this process to build long term win-win relationships with your bank(s). 

1. Is this training suitable for my business?

The process is suitable for businesses with borrowings of over $250,000; preferably $500,000 or more. Below $250,000, there isn't much that can be done in terms of structuring. Please also note the disclaimer notice at * above.

2. Who should do this training?

The person who is responsible for financing arrangements for the business should do this. Ideally the business owner should also understand the process. It is essential that the person(s) involved in financing for the business knows the business AND understands its financials. 


General (excl EU): Depending on your location, the applicable tax is calculated and added to the sale price. The total price including taxes is displayed at check out.

EU Customers: Prices for EU customers include VAT at check out. This product is only available for non-VAT registered private/non-business customers within the EU.

Get The Financing Your Business Deserves!

It's the CREDIT people who make the decision on your financing application. Address Credit Issues in your application or risk rejection!


I stand behind the quality of the training in Financing Success Blueprint. So I am removing your risk of investing in my program.

 If you are not satisfied with  Financing Success Blueprint  for any reasons, just send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and you will get a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. No hassles.


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